The TOTALLY Portable Heated Blanket

The Safest and Easiest way of Keeping You Warm in any Remote Location

Delivering over 30ÂșC of Safe Heat even in Sub Zero Environments

Invented for all outdoor pursuits including Camping, Fishing, Hiking, Mountaineering, Birdwatching, Stargazing, Hunting, Bushcraft, Preppers, Survival, etc.

Ideal for the disabled allowing cold outdoor activities.

But more importantly.... a lifesaver in an emergency situation.

The Lithium Ion Power Pack provides power to the built in miniature water pump and a dedicated USB Power socket to charge your iphone/android phone, tablet, radio, MP3 player, GPS unit, etc. You can power LED lights or power/charge any other USB product in any remote location without affecting the heat output to your body from our Heated Seat & Bed Cover all from the one power source.

Simple to Use

Real portable heat, just unroll the seat/bed cover and place it on your seat or bed beneath your sleeping bag, fit the stabilising legs and then push the legs into the ground over the stove, plug in the power pack, light your stove and within minutes your heated cover will be up to temperature, the direct heat rising from the heated cover will heat your whole body even in the harshest conditions.

Just like having a body sized Hot Water Bottle under you that never goes cold!!!

The battery delivers enough power to the unique built in pump which circulates hot water around a 1.8mt x 0.6mt Single Sized camping mat that has a Self Inflating Foam Insulation Under Layer, built in Inflatable Pillow and a Water-resistant coating to protect from ground damp producing total comfort and safety.

Is using a stove unattended dangerous?

Not in the slightest if placed and secured correctly. We do not advise using any type of stove in your bivvy or tent, our Blanket comes with a 5mt leader hose which is easily long enough to allow you to place your stove outside, just use a wind shield for maximum efficiency.

Personally, I wouldn't recommend using a direct fired gas heater within a tent. There is often not enough ventilation and unfortunately you cannot see or smell any carbon monoxide fumes that could potentially come from a gas heater and these can be lethal. The safety of the heater is obviously paramount. You certainly won't be able to sleep if you are worried about the heater catching on fire or producing dangerous emissions.

Our Heater/Boiler Unit is designed to be placed OUTSIDE with the Heated Blanket in your Bivvy, Tent etc.

The safest, hottest, and most fuel efficient way to stay warm and dry in your shelter.

Still worried about using Gas? try this alternative to gas stoves

I have designed a New Stove Holder using a new Heat Source. The fuel contains diethylene glycol, it can be burned safely indoors, and produces no odours or dangerous emissions although I still do not advise using it in your bivvy because it can still burn things, and anyway, you don`t need to use it inside, the stove is wind resistant and the fuel heats the blanket perfectly.

You will not believe the heat output achieved from such a small flame. The tins have a burn time of over 8hrs, plenty to get you through the night without having to change cans.

Thanks to Tacklebox Tv for the following video which shows more about the blanket and chafing fuel stove.

How long will my portable heated blanket stay hot?

Unlimited hours, as long as you have a heat source under the heat exchanger and a charged battery to power to the pump the cover/blanket will stay hot, exactly the same principle as your central heating system at home. A single can of our chafing fuel will give over 8hrs of continuous heat and the 50000mA USB Power bank lithium supply will power the pump for over 19hrs.

An absolute must have item during power outages, blackouts, etc. keeping you continuously warm and dry.

The total weight of our Portable Heated Cover including Heat Exchanger, Lithium power source, Securing legs and Storage bag is approximately 3Kg.

Please call Darren if you need any further information.

07902 827843